Derby Hen Weekends

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Derby is a great venue for your hen weekend with the usual range of hen do ideas such as pampering, drawing naked blokes, learning to dance, seduction classes, adrenaline sports plus the usual bars, clubs and kebab housesĀ  for the night time fun.

But remember to include the Derby treasure hunt on your programme. It makes a great icebreaker for the weekend as this fun and sociable event will enable the hens who don’t know each other to get acquainted and for those in the hen party who don’t know Derby … well, they will after this!

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Why the Derby Treasure Hunt?

  • Written with no fixed route – start and finish where you choose and teams won’t necessarily be following each other
  • Designed to be 1-3 hours of fun – start and finish when you want
  • More clues than time available – so you certainly won’t get bored kicking around with nothing to do
  • Personalised at no extra charge with name, photos and tasks – much more fun and relevant to your hen party
  • Self managed (DIY) treasure hunt – great value for money

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Not yet convinced about this hen weekend activity? Then read on …

Hens enjoying the Derby treasure hunt.

Strange happenings on a Derby hen weekend

We will have you literally running around the city centre to collect all-important points in this highly competitive event. Our Treasure Hunts are most definitely not for the faint hearted, in order to win you will need to think on your feet, interact with the natives and put yourself into some interesting positions!

Unlike some suppliers, we will fully, and we mean fully, personalise your treasure hunt at no extra cost! All we need are a few anecdotes and quirks of the hen and any of the hen party members, some photos and we will tailor the questions and tasks to your group. Not just a few standard changes but properly customised. To be honest, it’s the bit we enjoy doing the most.

As a grand finale to your hen weekend, a Derby treasure hunt is tough to better … start whenever you are all ready, you will be in the fresh air and it is a great laugh to round things off.

You will not only have a great day to remember but our events are designed to ensure that you will also have some fabulous photos to remind you of your Derby Hen Treasure Hunt.

This is what one of our satisfied Derby Hen night customers had to say …

Hi Jo,

Thank you for organising such a brilliant treasure hunt. Got lots of good feedback!



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