Company Away Days

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A company away day may be used as a team building exercise or simply as a corporate rewards day to celebrate a good performance or other significant company milestone.

There are many reasons to use Derby as your away day base, for a start, it has excellent rail, road and air links so if you have offices scattered around the country it is a central and easy venue to reach. If you are an overseas company looking to the UK for your  team building exercise, company away day or conference, there are good rail links from London or you can fly into East Midlands Airport, which has excellent links to Derby city.

The city of Derby has seen a huge amount of redevelopment in recent years and there are many hotels close to the city centre which offer suitable facilities for a corporate day out with meeting rooms, restaurant facilities, on site car parking …

Around Derby, you can find a number of prestigious country house hotel venues too, great for getting your corporate teams out of the rat race for a day or two.

The Derby corporate treasure hunt is a great addition to your away day or corporate event programme, it is fun and inclusive and everyone can be involved for the whole time. The element of competing for points all adds to the enjoyment

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Derby Team Building

For team building, our treasure hunt cannot be beaten!It develops all of the common skills required of effective teams.

Image: Team in Derby on the team building Derby treasure hunt.

A corporate team enjoying their Derby team building treasure hunt.

There is no set route and there are more clues than can possibly be answered in the time available therefore teams must plan carefully before setting off in order to maximise their chances of success. There are easy and hard clues which means that everyone can be involved yet your team will need to think laterally and communicate effectively to find all of the answers. They will need to be inventive and observe their surroundings carefully and with a creative eye in order to re-create the photos for the photo tasks. There is a word game which again ensures that there are no slack moments which reduces the boredom and ‘waiting for my turn’ that is characteristic of most other team building activities. And of course their is our famous ‘shopping list’ which calls into use your team’s powers of negotiation and inventiveness.

There is the element of competitiveness too; only a team which has gelled and worked together as a single entity is likely to win.

But above all, it is superb fun. It is well known that learning and personal development is much more effective when carried out in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere – if you don’t tell your team that it is a team building day, they probably won’t realise that it is, thus avoiding the moaning, groaning and inevitable few who will ‘pull a sicky’ on the day of a conventional team building event!

email your corporate enquiry or telephone 0115 888 2024 to find out more.

How the Derby corporate treasure hunt works.

Your treasure hunt will include factual, fun, hard, observation and amusing clues. You will also have a ‘shopping list’ and a word quiz as well as photographs to take which keeps all team members busy throughout the hunt. The marking is done as a group which really adds spice to the event and teams who are late back lose massive quantities of points.

Your treasure hunt can be customised so if your MD (or other senior management personnel) have a decent sense of humour, we can sneak in a few relevant clues. If you wish to include specific venues, we can do that too. In short, we are happy to customise your hunt in whatever way you require.

For the customisation, we will need some inside information plus some digital images that we can incorporate into your treasure hunt.

The teams arrive at the appointed place at an appointed time (entirely your choice) and our experienced event manager will explain how the event works, the ‘rules’ and hand out the treasure hunt packs. During the treasure hunt, the event manager will not be sitting with his or her feet up, they will be out and about taking  photos of your group to add to the ones that you will be taking during the hunt. These are supplied on CD after the event to give you an even better record of your corporate event ot team building in Derby.

So you just need to supply the participants and cameras then sit back and enjoy!

email your corporate enquiry or telephone 0115 888 2024 to find out more.

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